Week 1
Design Research
4 videos, 1 reading
Video: The Interaction Design Specialization
20 m
Video: Introducing Elizabeth Gerber
40 m
Video: Who, What, Where, When and How People Work
35 m
Video: Michael Chapman of IDEO on Interviewing
20 m
Reading: Slides
30 m
Graded: Final Quiz: Design Research
5 Questions
Week 2
2 videos
Video: The Interaction Design Specialization
20 m
Video: Introducing Elizabeth Gerber
40 m
Graded: Cumulative Quiz
4 Questions
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About this course

Don’t have time for a 6 week class or only have one specific skill you need work on? Try one of our drop in classes!

Service Dog

Training a service dog on your own can be incredibly challenging, especially if you are having to cope with your own disabilities or caring for a loved one who is disabled. This class is designed to help those training service dogs to get the help they need without locking them into a six-week class that they may not be able to attend or afford due to personal health concerns.

In this class, you will learn how to teach all the tasks you need your dog to learn to help mitigate your disability. Your dog will also learn all the behaviours they need to perform to be a well-behaved member of the community and pass their government exam.

All dogs in this class must be working toward taking the government certification exam.


Recall can sometimes seem impossible. No matter how many times you call your dog, that interesting smell or sight in the distance is always much more exciting than you. In this class, you will teach your dog that it pays to come back to you when called. You will play engaging and interactive games that make recall fun and exciting for you and your dog. With practice, these exercises will have your dog coming the first time you call them.


Get your out-of-control dog to listen! The focus of this class is to teach your dog impulse control. Grabbing for food, door dashing, jumping on people, and losing focus in the face of distractions are just some of the bad manners your dog may have. Teach your dog some better manners so he is a well-behaved member of your family.

Loose-leash Walking 

Does your dog pull you on walks? Is her pulling starting to cause pain in your arm and shoulders? Having your dog pull you on walks can be incredibly frustrating. In this drop-in class, you will learn how to teach your dog that it’s more rewarding for her if she walk with a loose leash instead of pulling the entire time. This class is also designed to help dogs who pull toward other people and dogs on walks. Enjoy your walks again after taking this fun loose-leash walking class.

Please note this class is not for dogs who lunge and bark at people and dogs on walks. If your dog needs help with reactivity, please join our reactivity class!


Who doesn’t want to teach their dog fun tricks? This is a perfect class for those who want a fun challenge for you and your dog. Learn how to teach your dog a variety of fun tricks with our certified tricks instructor and judge. You will learn how to use positive reinforcement, which will help strengthen the bond with your dog and improve your overall training abilities. Students can choose to have their dog tested at the end of the class to earn the Do More with Your Dog, the Canadian Kennel Club-recognized title associated with that class level.

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