Attending a well-run puppy socialization class may be the single most important thing you can do to ensure your puppy’s proper behavioural development.


Behavioural problems are the #1 reason pets are surrendered to shelters. It is estimated that 4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters each year.


The two most common reasons that dogs are returned to shelters are aggression toward people and aggression toward other animals.


Just like humans, dogs experience anxiety. Canine anxiety can affect all breeds. If disproportionate levels of anxiety are left unchecked, they can lead to behavioural issues.


Backed by Science

We practice Force Free dog training. That means we don’t use any force or negative training techniques with our dogs. Instead, we employ clicker training, treats, and other methods of positive reinforcement. These methods are scientifically proven to work—yet some trainers are insistent on using negative methods, such as choke chains, kicking, and even shocking. Not here. Not ever.

Classes for Every Dog

No matter what type of class you and your dog are looking for, we have it. We offer everything from competition obedience and reactivity to basic obedience and puppy training. We even offer classes where you can dance with your dog! Plus, our entire team is just super cool—and we LOVE dogs!

Whether you want a fun, well-mannered family dog, you’d like to train your dog as a service dog, or you aspire to competing on the national stage, we can help.

Available Classes

We currently run over 25 different classes each week. Our 4 most popular classes are puppy kindergarten, basic obedience, reactivity, and confidence. No matter what your looking for we have a class for you!

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